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The customers of ASD Ship Design are ship owners. They prefer to develop their new concepts and designs together with us to a good technical level, before going outside for negotiations with shipyards.

The best operational performance of the ship is the goal of the design activities of ASD Ship Design. Essential is the close co-operation with the ship owner, the end users of the ship and the suppliers of essential systems. ASD considers ship design as the integration of many systems and aspects and master both naval architecture and marine engineering.



Aalbers and Van Welie were responsible for the design and cost estimating of more than 30 new build ships, including reefers, ocean going deepfreeze trawlers, chemical tankers, heavy lift ships, gas tankers and containerships, including 'Ship of the year 1998', Sea Baltica.

The staff of ASD Ship Design can therefore draw from a large experience in the practical design and building of a wide variety of shiptypes.
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DELFTship™ is a complete design package for application in the marine industry. It is characterised by its ability to create any kind of hullform, high flexibility, low learning curve and visual approach. It can be used for almost any kind of floating object. The basic hullform program is free for all users. Additional extensions are available for the professional user.

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