Employees of ASD Ship Design


Arie Aalbers

Arie Aalbers was educated at the Technical University of Delft, and worked for more than 13 years as chief designer and estimator at the shipyard YVC Ysselwerf. He then worked for five years as a professor in ship design at the Technical University Delft, followed by a position as technical director of shipyard van der Giessen-de Noord. He now works with ASD Ship Design as naval architect and managing director and as a part time professor in ship design at the TU Delft. He is a member of SNAME, STG and KNVTS.

Peter van Welie

Peter van Welie was educated at the Technical High School of Dordrecht, and was for many years a colleague of Arie Aalbers in the design department at YVC Ysselwerf. After some years in the inland shipping in the repair and maintenance of engines and equipment, he is now back in the design of advanced ships at ASD as naval architect and marine engineer.